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Here you will find downloadable resources for ForeverPure products and services. Please look below for technical references, product resources, presentation files and links to our videos. If you can't find what you're looking for then please contact us using the "Contact Us" button on the left.

Technical References

Water Treatment Technologies 
EPA Drinking Water Standard - technical information


Water Purification and Desalination Product Catalog
Plastic Bag or Pouch Filler & Sealer
Bottling Plant 3D Design (zipped pictures)
ForeverPure Power Battery  Catalog 2019
ForeverPure Power Forklift Battery Catalog 2019
Platinum Building Systems Flyer


ForeverPure Company Profile
ForeverPure Power Solar Oasis with Growbox
ForeverPure Power Containerized Energy Storage
Solarized Module Living Units


  1. ForeverPure Desalination Systems with Solar and Wind Power Options
    Informative video presentation about our Seawater Reverse Osmosis Systems for fully potable water. We supply complete wind and/or solar powered desalination systems worldwide. Ranging from residential to industrial sizes, over millions of gallons per day.
  2. ForeverPure Wind Turbines 50-100KW
    Short video clip of our wind turbines in operation. ForeverPure Corporation (USA) supplies wind turbines from 5kw and up for off-grid or micro-grid applications.
  3. ForeverPure SolarWind Oasis
    Informative video presentation about ForeverPure solar and wind powered seawater or brackish water desalination systems. Off-grid or grid-tie. Perfect for remote locations and beach areas. Customized solutions available.
  4. ForeverPure Wind and Solar Combo
    Short video clip of our wind and solar combo in operation. ForeverPure supplies combined wind, solar and battery storage systems. They are perfect for beach areas where wind energy is abundant. They can be used to power our desalination systems or for other applications. We offer residential size to utility size setups.
  5. ForeverPure SWRO-120TPD-HE
    ForeverPure 120 M3/day (32,000 GPD) high efficiency, containerized seawater desalination system, consuming less than 2KWH/M3 of desalinated water. Turns seawater and brackish water into drinking water. Plug-and-play. Fast setup, mobile, modular, automatic operation.
  6. ForeverPure 1500 GPD Desalination System with Energy Recovery
    High efficiency 1500 gallons per day or 6000 liters per day seawater desalination system with 316 SS frame and cover. Fully automatic with PLC control. It is designed to work jointly with solar power. Due to energy saving feature, the system is able to save 35% of solar panels, batteries, and related accessories.