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We carry an extensive range of Grundfos CRI and CRN pumps. This latest generation of multistage in-line pumps offer traditional efficiency, reliable performance and adaptability.

Multi-purpose CR pumps can be adapted to applications, ranging from simple domestic installations to heavy-duty industrial settings. These include: process water systems, hygienic washing and cleaning systems, seawater systems, water treatment, pumping of acids and alkalis, boiler feed, and applications involving temperature control with exposure to very high, low or fluctuating temperatures.

Features and benefits:
  • Quality and reliability built on over four decades of continuous Grundfos testing and refinement
  • Corrosion-resistant pump modules that can be combined in multiple ways to meet almost every conceivable requirement.
  • Streamlined design to save space
  • Grundfos MGE motor with integrated frequency converter to allow multi-speed operation and deliver optimal pump performance
  • Special pump solutions to cope with extraordinarily high pressure, temperature extremes and liquids that are very aggressive, abrasive, hazardous, hardening or flammable

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