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Grundfos Pumps

For applications ranging from simple domestic installations to heavy-duty industrial settings. These include: process water systems, hygienic washing and cleaning systems, seawater systems, water treatment, pumping of acids and alkalis, boiler feed, and applications involving temperature control with exposure to very high, low or fluctuating temperatures.

CAT Pumps

The most dependable high-pressure piston and plunger pumps available in the marketplace. Performance range of 1 to 240 gpm and 100 to 10,000 psi.

Danfoss Pumps

Danfoss is a world leader in axial piston pump technology for pumps made of stainless steel and carbon-reinforced PEEK, bringing all the advantages of positive displacement pumps to applications that require liquid at high pressure. We offer a range of Danfoss pumps for reverse osmosis applications.​


DOW Filmtec provides the most widely used RO and NF technologies in the world. We carry a range of Filmtec Elements for use in the following applications: Brackish water RO, Tap water RO, Seawater RO, Nanofiltration, and more...


We offer a spectrum of Hydranautics membrane products, currently in use throughout the world for such diverse applications as potable water, boiler feedwater, industrial process water, wastewater treatment, surface water treatment, seawater desalination, electronic rinse water, agricultural irrigation and pharmaceuticals.


We offer a range of Hydronix products including filters, filter housings, faucets, pressure gauges, UV systems, water tanks, and more.

Fleck Valves

We offer a wide range of Pentair Fleck control valves for residential, commercial and industrial applications.