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One Clean World, One Goal!


ForeverPure Corporation was incorporated in 1997. Since then, ForeverPure has emerged from a residential water purification system manufacturer to a global leader in seawater and brackish water system and commercial and industrial water purification equipment manufacturing and distribution. Producers of soft drinks, beers, wines, juices, teas and bottled water rely on our standard products for water purification, microbe and trihalomethane (THM) reduction. Among our many applications, ForeverPure products help developers build high class resorts, bottle water at high speed, supply high purity water to chemical factories and low TDS to water to power plants, desalinate water for palaces in the Middle East, and provide safe drinking water to the US army. Wherever clean and safe water is needed, ForeverPure products can be used to achieve your goals.


Our success is the result of our continued innovations, commitment to supplying highly reliable systems, and dedication to meeting clients' requests. ZYI is highly interested in customizing products to suit customers' applications. 
  • 22 Years in Water Treatment and Renewable Energy Business
  • Many products featured on are manufactured in USA
  • Customized Solutions are available
  • Worldwide delivery
  • Global Financing
  • Serving cities, towns, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, power plants, beverage/food production companies, manufacturing plants, farms, and wherever pure water or wastewater treatment is needed.
Partial List of Clients

  • San Francisco Public Utility Corporation
  • East Bay Municipal Utility Department
  • Santa Clara County Water District
  • Alameda Water District
  • GE Plastics
  • US State Department
  • Rockwell Industry
  • Palace of Qatar
  • NewEnergy Corporation, China
  • IBM
  • Etc…


Components and Consumables​​

• Membranes: Filmtec, Hydranautics
• Membrane Housings: Codeline, Protec, Wave-Cyber
• Water Treatment Medias/Resin: Clack, Watts, Purolite
• Sediment Filters, GAC Filters, Carbon Block Filters, Specialty Filters
• Flow Meters, Pressure Gauges, Stainless Steel Fittings: Blue White, US Gauge, Precision, and others
• Electric Solenoid Valves (brass and stainless steel)
• Grundfos, Procon, Flint & Walling, LMI, Pulsa Feeder
And others…

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Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Municipal Products
• Reverse osmosis systems
• Seawater/brackish water desalination systems
• Ultra-filtration systems
• Nano-filtration systems
• Membrane bio-reactors
• Sequential Batch Reactors
• Wastewater reuse systems
• Water Softeners
• Water Conditioners
• Iron Filters

​• DI Filter
• Carbon Filters
• Multi-Media Filters
• UV Sterilization Systems
• Ozone Systems
• Waste Water Treatment Plants
• Solar Powered Water Systems
• Solar power plants
And others…

New Offerings
​We have been developing some exciting new system offerings that we are excited to announce! Please click on the links below to learn more.

Solar Powered Desalination for Commercial and Industrial Developments

Modular housing equipped with clean energy and water purification technologies.