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One Clean World, One Goal!

Our Mission is clear: to provide pure water, clean energy, and eco-living solutions to the world.
We are a California based manufacturer, distributor, and engineering solution provider.
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Who We Are
"Everybody deserves clean drinking water."
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We offer customized consulting and design services.
The development of ForeverPure is based on innovation and problem solving. If you have any water related problems, ​​​ contact us to receive helpful information. Our goal is to provide ​​Clean Water Solutions to the World. Our service fee is reasonable. Contact us now, and let's solve your water problems.

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ForeverPure has in-house AutoCAD and SolidWorks designers. Whether it is a 2-D layout or 3D product design, we can offer our services. From initial product development to final production, we can be there with you every step of the way. Our extensive industrial experience will help you avoid many of the pitfalls, and save you time and investment.
  1. System Components
    System Components
    We carry a wide range of components for your water filtration and purification systems. Top of the line pumps, membranes, valves, and much more!
  2. Water Systems
    Water Systems
    Our standard and custom desalination systems convert seawater and brackish water to fully potable water. Combined with solar and/or wind options, these systems can be run partially or fully off-grid at maximum cost efficiency.
  3. Energy Systems
    Energy Systems
    We design and implement utility and commercial scale solar projects, ranging from grid connect or micro-grid systems, rooftop, commercial carports and ground mount.
  4. Energy Solutions
    Energy Solutions
    We produce our own lines of forklift and renewable energy batteries, as well as supply vanadium flow batteries. We also design and implement containerized energy storage systems.
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